Advertising, Analytics or Growing Your Business Online

Over the past few weeks a radio commercial caught my attention while driving advising businesses to “connect with their customers online” and search for “digital monopoly”. Finally I’ve decided to search for digital monopoly to learn more about the business and to my surprise I found that there were no Ads being displayed. Despite of quite frequent radio commercials asking listeners to search for them, there is no Ad competition for “digital monopoly” key phrase. The below image shows results when searching for digital monopoly.

digital monopoly

I was interested in finding how many people are searched for this phrase over the past 12 months however I was only interested in local searches. A Keyword Tool returned approximately 140 local searches per month. I decided to setup a small campaign targeting specifically listeners to see if we can convert someone searching for digital monopoly. If you are reading this blog, you most likely clicked on the Ad in Google Search.

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Digital Monopoly Stats