Perfecting a Social Profile

Since the Internet became mainstream people have been using it as a means to reach out to others. The advent of social media platforms has not only made it easier for individuals to connect but for businesses to market to their target audience as well. In order to stay relevant, almost all companies have a presence on the popular social media sites.

It isn’t enough to just be on Facebook or Twitter, however. While companies need to maintain a certain amount of brand consistency across platforms, the most successful ones understand that different social media sites require different tactics. For example, a Pinterest focuses on inspiring their audience to try out a new recipe or a DIY project while Linkedin stresses informative posts from experts in their field.

In order to attract a large segment of the audience, you should spend a lot of time tailoring your profile to suit each social platform. While the most basic information can stay the same, there are plenty areas in your profile where you can highlight different aspects of your company. Fill out all of the different sections as much as possible. The infographic below can give you some ideas on the best way to fill out each of you different social media profiles, but also take a look at your competitors’ profiles as well.

Perfecting Social Profile