Windows 10 Enterprise E3

Get enterprise-grade security and control for your business . . . without the enterprise-grade price tag

Security attacks are increasing in sophistication. Businesses of any size are vulnerable and the cost to remediate is high. Now small businesses can get enterprise-grade protection and control – without the enterprise-grade price tag – with Windows 10 Enterprise E3. The advanced security and management options in Windows 10 Enterprise E3 are ideally suited for the specialized needs of businesses with less than 250 employees that process sensitive data, operate in regulated industries, or develop intellectual property.

A pay-as-you-go subscription model, per-user, per-month pricing, and reduced-term commitments lower up-front costs and enable the flexibility to scale as business needs change. And because Windows 10 Enterprise E3 is designed to be managed by a trusted partner, companies with limited or no IT staff can now get the help they need to stay secure and compliant and manage their technology as they grow.

The most secure edition of Windows

Safeguard your business – including your sensitive data, your devices, your customer identities, and your intellectual property – with the same level of enterprise-grade protection and control used by some of the world’s largest organizations.

Managed by your trusted partner

Get the time you need to focus on strategic priorities by letting an experienced, trusted partner customize a device strategy tailored to your business needs and handle all the day-to-day aspects of device configuration, implementation, and support.

With a small business price of $9

Reduce up-front costs with a pay-as-you go subscription model, paying only for the users you need. Your partner can also easily reassign licenses, onboard new employees, or add and manage additional cloud services as your business grows