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Azure Active Directory Premium

Single sign-on to on-premise or cloud web app

1000s of apps, 1 identity
Single sign-on to thousands of popular SaaS apps like Salesforce, Concur, and Workday. Self-service employee tools that save money.

iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Windows devices are supported

No matter what device your working – iOS, Mac OS X, Android or Windows, users can launch applications from a personalized web-based access panel, mobile app, Office 365 or custom company portal using their work credentials.


Secure remote access with on-premise web applications

Access your on-premise web applications from anywhere and be protected with multi-factor authentication, conditional access policies, and group-based access management. Access your SaaS and on-premise web apps from the same portal.

Easily extend Active Directory to the cloud

Connect Azure AD and other on-premise directories to Azure Active Directory with a few easy clicks and maintain a consistent set of users, groups, passwords and devices across all environments.

Secure and Protect sensitive data and applications

With unique identity protection capabilities enhance application access security and get a easy view into suspicious sign-in activities to show potential vulnerabilities. With security notifications, reports to show you how to remedy.

Cost reduction and enhance security with self-service capabilities

Your employees can be delegated tasks such as resetting passwords along with management and creation of groups. Access and password management self service through verification steps can reduce helpdesk calls and also enhance security.

Microsoft Intune

Choice of devices

Employees can enjoy the ability to register, enroll, and manage their devices as well as install corporate applications from the self-service Company Portal on any of the devices they choose.

Modern BYOD

Utilise Mobile Application Management without requiring the device to be enrolled for management. Allowing users to bring their own devices and keeping corporate data secure while not intruding on a user’s personal life.


No on-premise infrastructure required

No need to plan, purchase and maintain hardware and infrastructure by managing mobile devices from the cloud with Intune

Flexibile licensing

With per-user licensing for Intune you will spend less time counting devices. Intune is included as part of the Enterprise Mobility Suite, which includes Azure Active Directory Premium and Azure Rights Management

The ultimate management of Office mobile apps

Mobile productivity for your employees with remote access to corporate resources on Office mobile apps is maximised with Intune. Data is kept safe by preventing leakage of company data without intruding on the user’s personal devices.

Data protection

Corporate data is secured, including Exchange email, Outlook email, and OneDrive for Business documents, all controlled by the administrator as they set compliance policies.

Azure Rights Management

Securely share data

Azure RMS encrypts and enables you to safely share nearly any type of file to any PC, phone, or tablet that runs Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, or Android. Share by email or using your favorite cloud storage solution such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Share data with anyone

Azure RMS lets you share protected files with coworkers or people outside your organization easily. When you send a RMS-protected document, the recipient just needs to sign up for the Rights Management service and download the RMS sharing appplication all for free.

Fast and easy custom policy template to save time

Azure RMS supports policy templates. With these templates which have been pre-defined you can quickly and easily apply the rights management rules to the files with a single click. Administrators can choose from pre-configured templates, or even create their own templates that meet compliance requirements and specific business needs.

Flexible deployment options

Azure RMS has multiple deployment options to satisfy any business requirement. If your going fully to the cloud, the service offers RMS-enabled apps, live support, and integration with Office 365 that gives you data loss prevention funcionality in Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. If you are going for the hybrid option Microsoft RMS connector is your solution.

Be compliant with industry standards

Azure RMS has multiple certifications and is compliant with data-protection standards such as Accountability Act (HIPAA), Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and the EU Model Clauses. The Thales hardware security module (HSM) use by Azure RMS is FIPS 140-2 certified.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Use behavioural analytics to detect threats fast

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics works 24/7 to help you detect suspicious activities in your systems by profiling and knowing what to look for. Advanced Threat Analytics also identifies advanced attacks and security issues.

Adapt as fast as your enemies

Advanced Threat Analytics learns from the behavior of all users, devices, and resources to adjust itself to reflect the changes in your rapidly evolving enterprise. Attackers get more sophisticated every day so Advanced Threat Analytics helps you adapt to changing cyber security attacks by learning behavioral analytics.


Reduce false positive fatigue

Handing the rising amount of data that turn up unnecessary red flags that distract you from the real threats can be distracting. WIth Advanced Threat Analytics, these alerts happen once suspicious activities are contextually aggregated to its own behaviour, as well as to the other entities in its interaction path. The detection engine also automatically guides you through the process, asking you simple questions to adjust the detection process according to your input.


Use the simple attack timeline to focus on whats important

The constant reporting of traditional security tools and sorting through them to locate relevant breaches of security can be overwhelming. The attack timeline gives you a clear and efficient feed that gives you power of perspective on the who, what, when and how. Advanced Threat Analytics also provides recommendations for investigation and remediation for each suspicious activity.

Identity + Mobile Management + Security

Keep your employees secure and productive on their favorite applications and devices of their choice.

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