For Risk Managers

Being a Risk Manager can be overwhelming when trying to get each unit in your business to take ownership of their risks. Risk is inherent in all business’, it must be managed while still being practical for business survival. Risk exposure must be identified, assessed and controlled before it has an impact on your projects.

For Work Health & Safety Managers

As the Work Health and Safety Manager you understand it is your need to foster a safe and healthy work environment. Your managers, employees and contractors must understand and commit to safety enabling you to target the goal of zero harm. Enabling each business unit manager to be accountable for safety in their area of responisibility. Safety hazards, incidents as well as near misses can be recorded, investigated and analysed easily. Any measures to correct and prevent future risks can be shared easily throughout the entire company

For Business Continuity Managers

If an unforeseen event occurs it is the Business Continuity Managers responsibility to ensure critical business processes continue to function. We allow each business unit managed to conduct their own business impact analysis, as they are the ones who understand the business process and are best to determine the continuity plan that will be used should a disruption occur.

For the Compliance Manager

Being able to manage all your companies compliance obligations can be overwhelming. Reporting requirements and the frequency can make you feel like your always on the back foot. With RiskCloud its much easier, each business unit manager is accountable for their own compliance obligations. All managed in one central location where it can be entered, tracked, monitored and actioned.