Modern Workplace Hub is an application which effortlessly allows your employees to book desks and meeting rooms, check in their visitors and deliver company updates, all from the one place.


Why do you need Modern Workplace Hub?

  1. One place for employees to access company information
  2. Check in and out of work at an office or WFH scenarios
  3. Book company resources like meeting rooms and desks
  4. Check in and out Visitors
  5. Connect other Company Apps

Book Meeting Rooms and Desks from your own device

  • Booking and maintaining the availability of rooms and desks in your office locations can be time consuming and cumbersome.
  • Our app utilises data from your Microsoft 365 to allow your employees to book a place to meet or a place to work directly through our app.
  • Working from Home is the new normal, so we have made it easy for employees to let everyone know where they are and that they are at work.

Maintain visitor information using a ‘low contact’ approach

  • In seconds, each employee can Check In their visitor though their own device.
  • This approach allows for your business to have accurate contact information on the movement in and out of your locations.
  • This solution also assists those organisations that have emergency response planning obligations.

    Deliver Company Updates

    • Company Updates broadcast to everyone connected to your businesses Modern Workplace Hub.
    • Keep everyone in your business up to date with important information. ​


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