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CloudProductive will help your organization identify how engaged employees can impact every area of your business.

Becloudsmart has extensive experience driving employee engagement to promote organisational performance. Our experience with Office 365 including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, and Stream will help you build a culture of teamwork that empowers your employees.

As your partner we provide guidance and insights you can use to drive employee engagement across your business.


A high-level discussion of your business needs.

Introduction to CloudProductive
How CloudProductive works and what impact can our solutions have on your business.

Recommendations and Roadmap
Question and Answers regarding the impact and feasibility of this solution.

Next steps
Overview of the engagement covering vision and objectives, requirements and next steps and actions.


Evaluate user adoption and review implementation.


Provide training materials for understanding the value of engaged employees.


Strategy on how to measure the effectiveness of internal communications.

Understand the value of engaged employees

Gain an understanding of business value when employees are engaged through sharing ideas, feedback and insights.

Build launch and success plans

Produce a prioritised actionable list of next steps to implement, adopt and measure outcomes.

Prioritise employee engagement scenarios

Identify and prioritize employee engagement scenarios based on your requirements.

Launch plan that will put learning into action

Understanding how to enable communities across your organization.


"We really liked Becloudsmart's advise on improving our team's collaboration."

"I can see this product working to improve internal communication and inside marketing within our organisation."

"Our operational costs have significantly reduced by using these collaboration tools, within a matter or weeks. There was no onboarding hassle."


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