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A collaborative conversation aimed at understanding our CloudSecure product. CloudSecure is designed to help businesses to understand the security and compliance challenges of today's world and help them to safeguard their business.

Discover whether your business environment is safe and secure against fraud and cyber-attack

Gain a mutual understanding of cloud security objectives and requirements. Provide guidance, recommendations and best practices on how to successfully implement Office 365 security features. Provide a prioritised and actionable Office 365 security roadmap. Map Office 365 security capabilities to customer security objectives and requirements.


A round of introductions between your team and ours.

A high level discussion of your business needs.

An introduction to our CloudSecure.

Overview of the engagement.

Question and Answers


This briefing will be conducted via Microsoft Teams or conference call, unless an in person meeting is feasible.

Security matched to your needs

Let us get an understanding of your business requirements and help you drive security objectives.

Security Training

User training on industry best-practices on business and data security.

Office 365 security best practice

Get guidance, recommendations and best practicies on how to successfully enable organisation-wide security.

Office 365 security roadmap

Get a prioritised and actionable roadmap. Mapping capabilities to your security objectives and requirements.


"We really liked Becloudsmart's workshop on our company's security. Affordable and effective. It helped us select the right solution at the right price."

"Wow I did not realise my company's security score was this low. We have dramatically improved it because of Becloudsmart's security recommendations"

"Finally, someone who can help us understand the Cloud technologies that are out there and are right for our business."


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