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Increase your safety impact and expand your reach powered by the Cloud. Suitable for business that run their safety process manually without any actionable insights.

About WorkplaceSafe

Are you struggling to manage your workplace health and safety effectively?
Is the paperwork taking over?
Are you unsure if you are managing all of the risks completely?

WorkplaceSafe is a range of solutions that manage your workplace's health and safety requirements. You can also get critical insights that will enable you to focus on managing your business more effectively.

Based on the popular Take5 Task Assessment which is a simple and effective way to increase safety awareness. Becloudsmart has re-imaged the process for the PowerPlatform creating the opportunity for actionable insights.

You need to think about Workplace Safety

Workplace Health and Safety is so important for the wellbeing of both employees and employers.

When you come across a safety hazard at your workplace, it is actually an indicator of gaps underlying business processes.

Application Features

Identify the job you are doing​

Think through the task​

Look for Workplace Hazards

Access and prevent Hazards​

Simplify how you work together

Store, sync, and share your data online so they're always up to date.

Improve Compliance

Turn your lead indicators into true indicators of safety performance. Allow for transparency between all levels of the business and demonstrate your safety culture to interested third parties.

Removing paper-manual handling of information

Remove unnecessary paperwork from your business, ensuring that data collection is a simple value adding task for your employees.

Gain Real insights into your safety performance

Identify high-risk and evolving threats to your operations. Allow for learning to be shared with the workforce in real time.


"We brought Becloudsmart in to help us transition from larger technology integration partner."

"Becloudsmart showed their capability to listen and respond to feedback quickly with expert advice and project management."

"Bumps in the road are inevitable in any large scale IT transformation, and Coastal Cloud was very professional and responsive in dealing with every challenge we faced."