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Grow your business  by enabling your salespeople to foster strong relationships with your customers, take actions based on insights, and close sales faster. Drive innovation and improvement, bringing together like-minded people with similar business goals to share knowledge and success, while at the same time providing standards, consistency, and governance to the organisation.

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Drive digital transformation with a new approach to sales force automation.

Enable smarter selling with contextual A

Sales Smarter

Improve conversion and win rates with lead and opportunity scoring based on AI.

Empower sellers to build relationships .

Build Relationships

Keep track of contacts, collaborate and personalise sales documents and see the customer's point of view.

Increase sales profitably with advanced

More time selling

Minimise routine tasks and concentrate on selling. Spend less time searching for content.

Innovate with sales solutions built to e

Sales Productivity 

Collaborate on deals and streamline workflow with other Microsoft 365 Apps and Microsoft Teams.

Customer Service

Drive digital transformation with a new approach to customer service automation.

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Put AI to work for you. .png

Put AI to work for you

Resolve customer issues faster using AI, built into self-service solutions like knowledge article recommendations.

Use insights reports .png

Create a single, consistent service experience of the entire customer journey.

Customer satisfaction.png

Customer satisfaction

Engage experts faster and measure and act on customer feedback after every engagement.

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Use insights reporting

Identify key trends and automation opportunities across case topics, knowledge management.

Hub & Safety

Meet new challenges faster with Apps that help get your business back to work.

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Empower sellers to build relationships .

Rooms & Desk Bookings

Utilise your existing Microsoft 365 resources to provide seamless access to resources.

Staff & Visitors Checkin.png

Staff & Visitors Checkin

Check-in from Home or Office with Health Survey and easily manage Visitors.

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App Launchpad

Easily add your own apps to Launchpad and integrate into Microsoft Teams.


Safety Apps

Suite of best practice safety apps, including Task Assessment, Inspection, Incident, Risk and more.

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Unlock the use of contextual AI, allowing your business to focus on the right customers and utilizes AI-driven guidance to optimise buying experiences.

Deliver a tailored service that customer expect across channels, empowers your agents to be more productive, and unifies technology using one complete source of customer data using a single, extensible platform.