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ModernBusiness | Practice

Practice brings people, job management and timesheet tracking together so your team can get to its best work.

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Practices gives greater visibility and transparency into your small to medium size businesses.

ModernBusiness | Practice is a designed for all employees in small to medium sized businesses to have a unified approach to Job Management and Timesheet Tracking leveraging technologies such as the Microsoft Power Platform, Common Data Service and Microsoft 365. 

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For all employees. Using one secure custom unified solution.

The ‘Employee Application’ provides a unified effortless experience across employee devices allowing them to record timesheets on a job. 


The ‘Admin Application’ works across all devices and includes access to customer records, contacts, jobs and timesheets.​

'Employee Experience'

'Admin Experience'

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More than a task management app, it is customised to fit your business processes.

 This allows for unparallel user experience that increases productivity and saves time with tracking, managing and completing jobs in your business. ​

Work from anywhere. Work across all devices.

Achieve peace of mind knowing that first-class integration is standard with Outlook and Teams.  


A timesheet that is effortless and straightforward

Timesheet tracking is essential when overseeing when an employee is work and the task which they are working on. We built the timesheet feature with the employee experience at heart, while allowing further customization.

Deploy, manage, and stay secure everywhere.

Give your organization the freedom to work anywhere while retaining the control you need to stay secure with zero-touch deployment, one-click device management, and protection from the Microsoft power platform.

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See a global overview of a client is critical when providing a high quality customer experience. 

Take the the guesswork out of finding critical customer details when you need them and provides detailed information effortlessly. 

Discover first class integration. 

With ModernBusiness | Practice been built on the Power Platform, this the integration with Microsoft 365 first class and available to your employees on any device from any location. ​

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Access contact records with potential customers, business partners and employees fast.

Through the integration with Outlook and Microsoft 365 employees have the ability to record new contacts and retrieve contact information right in the Outlook – giving employees a productive email experience.​

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